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You Have FREE Tickets waiting from Ticketmaster!

Give your miracle finger a rest, because you already have free tickets waiting! Due to a class action lawsuit filed in 2003, Ticketmaster has been forced into giving its past customers discount codes and FREE TICKETS! The Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster class action lawsuit claimed that the fees charged on tickets "are excessive and deceptive." Fortunately for us, Schlesinger won! If you purchased tickets from Ticketmaster between 1999 and 2013, which most of us have, then you should check your TM account! You may be surprised what you find! All you need to do to check what ya have waiting is log in to your account here. After logging in, click on "my account" from the top right menu, and look for "active vouchers" on the left side menu. If you have any discounts or free tickets, they will be there. There is one large problem right now - the list of available concerts leads to an error page...Hopefully this will be fixed soon and you can make your concert plans!There are plenty of free tickets waiting! Some report to having over 20 free ticket vouchers in their cart. So, share this post with your friends and have a party! :D     *We are taking a tally on the average amount of free tickets given. Let us know in a comment how many were in your account!

Being a Cop is NOT Dangerous, but Being Around Them Is!

How many times have you heard something along the lines of "...but cops have a very dangerous job"? Maybe you have thought this about police yourself?  I can definitely see why someone would think that, but with the information out today we find that a cops job is not all that dangerous. In fact, it would seem that cops are more of a danger TO society than in danger FROM society... How dangerous is a police officers job? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, police officers are 15th on the list of "most dangerous jobs in america", sitting right behind "General Maintenance and Repair" workers.  While I will not put down the dangers that come with being a police officer, is it really any different than some of the most common jobs out there? Can we really justify the "mistakes" police officers make that result in the murder of innocent civilians because "they have a dangerous job"? I do not think so.  If we put this idea to use in other jobs out there that are far more dangerous, such as taxi driver, roofers, and loggers(#1) then we should have taxis armed with shotguns and accidentally killing innocent passengers "in fear of their lives" every day. This is, after all, the case with police officers.  How many deaths are caused by police officers on the job? The truth is, we cannot know how bad it actually is with how police document the people killed by them each year. From 2009-2011, the best estimate we can come up with is almost 500 completely innocent civilians per year or 1.5 people a day. In reality, this number is much higher and is increasing every year.  In retrospect, documented murders by police officers in the last 10 years have passed those killed in the Iraq war.  Let me say that again; more people have been killed by police in the last 10 years than the entire Iraq war... "In the last decade alone the number of people murdered by police has reached 5,000. The number of soldiers killed since the inception of the Iraq war, 4489. What went wrong? In the 1970’s SWAT teams were estimated to be used just a few hundred times per year, now we are looking at over 40,000 military style “knock and announce” police raids a...